Notation and Reflection, on Location: Hunter Gatherer iPhone App and the Case Study of Two Trees.

This transdisciplinary, phenomenological research practice uses the smartphone as a tool for deepening eudaimonic connection of the user with physical and metaphorical landscape, demonstrated through the case study of Two Trees (2011-14) .

Searching for an individualized sensor system that could deliver media genuinely unique to the individual, British media artist and doctoral researcher Jackie Calderwood developed a Color Grid methodology to elicit mindful creative expression and notation of self in relation to place, theme and sensory experience. Calderwood’s iPhone app Hunter Gatherer (2011) invites the user to create Color Grids on location and upload to an online gallery as animated records of moments noticed.

Calderwood visited two trees in a Leicester park over an extended period, using her app to facilitate and note her relational experience with these trees. The online gallery documents shifting dynamics and multiple facets of communication spanning sensory, metaphorical and conceptual domains. In a series of three mixed-media gallery installations of the work, digital and physical reconfiguration, each new location and public interaction contribute to the presentation of the piece, and finally the paradox of two coalesce to become one.

Two Trees is discussed within the critical context of inquiry: embracing technicity while navigating tensions of individuation and the collective (Stiegler, 2009), taking an approach of antifragility (Taleb, 2012) in which unanticipated events are welcomed as creative stimulus, and as clinical application of clinical psychologist David Grove’s technologies of Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge (Grove & Panzer, 1991, Tompkins & Lawley, 2000).

The paper presents the research in the context of Calderwood’s thesis of Pervasive Media and Eudaimonia (2017), providing a model of practice in which user-created content and emergent technologies can facilitate a multimodal holistic experience of the ambulant landscape – for the user in situ , online, and represented as art installation.


Pervasive media, color grid, arts practice, iPhone app, installation, metaphor


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Jackie Calderwood De Montfort University United Kingdom