Law regulation of social media
The social media are getting important role in the current society, mainly in the way of having control over people’s communication, sharing their ideas and opinions. However, they can be abused for committing several crimes according to national law in many countries. In September 2017 was in Germany adopted the “Law for improvement of law enforcement in social media” and this law came into force recently on 1. October 2017. It would be interesting to see, how are the rules applied in the practice and if it could be an inspiration for legislation in other countries.
However, that are not only states, which are trying by using the law protect users against unlawful attack on social media. The international organisations like the Council of Europe are e.g. pointing on the importance to protect human rights issues raised by the use of online social media for political activism or the limits of privacy violations and data held by internet service providers.
Because of the special character of social media and their fast development, it is necessary to adopt law, which will be efficient and which will allow the state authorities to hold the stable control over them for the purpose of avoiding and punishing unlawful acting done on social media platforms.
Key words: social media, law regulation, human rights, Council of Europe, crimes, punishment  


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Vlastislav Stavinoha Masaryk University, Faculty of Law (Brno, Czech Republic) Czech Republic