Collective Intentionality and political oratory. Berlusconi’s speech at Onna on the 25th April 2009.


We’ll analyze the role of the collective Intentionality in the building of a mental structure shared by a determined social organism respect to questions of public interest.

In particular, we’ll clarify the way in which the language of the people, understood as representative system in which find expression beliefs and hopes of all, can be orientated by the institutional language. It finds here a place a reflection about what that’s called by Searle Background, a sort of a socio-cultural trascendental that plays an unifying role in the building of a social modus operandi.


Front exposure.



What exposed above is the outcome of a stratification of meanings settled in the course of time, but also of a selective work made, over the decades, by the ideological thought. Through a work of handling of the Background is possible to direct the collective ideology.



This theoric perspective can be an efficient instrument to analyze Berlusconi’s speech in the city of Onna on the 25th April 2009, because it represented for us an important example of manipulation of consent, through the memory of some highlights of italian modern and contemporary history, which become instrumental for the strenghthening of a conservative ideology.


Philosophy degree at the University of Palermo (2003). Teaching qualification for the A019 class – Philosophy and History (2007). Teaching qualification for the High School Special Needs Class (2008). Fixed-term teacher of the Italian High School from September 2007 to August 2014. Teacher with permanent contract of the Italian High School from September 2014.


Intentionality – Background – convictions – desires – collective – ideology




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